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Siyalla Homes - Morawaka

සියල්ල හොම්ස් - මොරවක

Siyalla Homes is a leading manufacturer of concrete products and garden ornaments in Matara Sri Lanka. With over 26 years of experience we have grown to a company that can offer a whole range of products for gardening, landscaping to construction.
Veranda pillars, Well rings, Paving slabs, Fence posts, Beams,
Door and window frames, Arches, Water tanks, Concrete grills,
Inter Lock, movable walls, Ceptrikt tank, louar,
Hime Pipe, Sand, Bricks
Hire For heavy machinery ( JCB / Excavator machine )

Japan Hardware

ජපන් හාඩ්වෙයාර්

sell household hardware for home improvement including: fasteners, building materials, hand tools, power tools, keys, locks, hinges, chains, plumbing supplies, electrical supplies, cleaning products, housewares, tools, utensils, paint, and lawn and garden products directly to consumers for use at home or for business.

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